Liberty Menopause Programme 

Next programme 24/06/21 – 22/7/21

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Transform your midlife. This truly holistic 5 week programme delivers interactive classes with our experts, including education and Q&A with Dr Uddin; menopause nutrition classes; weekly meditation, breath-work and yoga; and CBT training.  It also includes course modules and meal plans.

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Liberty Menopause Clinic (1-2-1)

Initial Consultation: 45 minutes with a Dr Uddin, includes risk assessment, personalised treatment plan and private prescription  £150

Follow ups:  30 minutes, includes medication changes and private prescription  £90


Booking: Please select ‘Book Appointment.‘ If you are new to Liberty Health Clinics or have not been seen in 1 year please book an Initial Appointment.

Liberty Nutrition Programme

28 day Programme. 3 group coaching sessions, weekly Menopause Nutrition Course modules, meals plans, and closed Facebook group with our Nutritionist.



Booking: Please select ‘Book Class‘ with Sabrina Zeif for the date of your first class. The programme will run for 4 weeks from this date.

Liberty Mind Programme

28 day Programme. Weekly Group CBT for Menopause with our Clinical Psychologist and Expert in CBT for Menopause. 



Booking: Please select ‘Book Class‘ with Dr Rebecca Knowles for the date of your first class. The programme will run for 4 weeks from this date.

Liberty Yoga Programme (Coming Soon!)

28 day programme. Including four 1-2-1 yoga therapy sessions and guided online learning.


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Booking: Please select ‘Book Class‘ with Reshma for the date of your first class. The programme will run for 4 weeks from this date.


I was former shadow of myself until I met Dr Uddin. I'd become over-weight, depressed and I was barely functioning but immediately after my initial consultation with Dr Uddin, I felt relief. For the first time in a long while, I felt hope and I was able to anchor myself in her care. Dr Uddin is not only highly-qualified but also empathetic and intuitive. She listened and asked all the right questions. Within days I felt better in myself, Just knowing that I had someone that I could trust and that I was finally getting the help I so desperately needed. Dr Uddin provided me with a roadmap map and coached me along the way. I stuck with her 360-degree treatment plan and 6 months later I can honestly say that I don’t know where I’d be today without her. I feel better, wiser and more peaceful about the changes I’m going through. I have so much love, respect and gratitude for Dr Uddin. If you’re looking for professional, holistic support on your journey back to wellness. You’ve found it here. Resh, 2021,

Liberty Menopause

Truth is, I’ve had a fairly warped relationship with food ever since I can remember and after 30 years+ of disordered eating and then more recently coming into perimenopause, I felt totally resigned. And, despite the fact that I’d seen therapists in the past, I continued to struggle when it came to implementing and sustaining good habits. Things finally began to shift when I met Sabrina. Sabrina became my north star for all things nutrition. The combination of her expertise, wisdom and deep intuition made her approach to nutritional therapy potent . Sabrina took me under her wing and she was able to help me cut through deep mental barriers. She was able to help me accept myself, where I was in my life and most crucially, she was able to help me to internalise the fact that nutrition is more than food. She helped me understand that food is both life-force and a pleasure to be enjoyed – and on a practical level - she helped me to implement changes specific to my own needs. Today I'm a different person. I'm still on my journey but I'm finally learning a new way and I don't know where I'd be without her. Thank you so so much for showing up for me Sabrina. If you know you need support in altering your relationship with food and in building new habits and routines around food to help you feel better inside and out - you’ve struck gold. Resh, 2021.

Liberty Nutrition

I wanted you to know how grateful I am for your help over the last half a year. Despite everything, I wouldn’t give up my experience over that time because of the skills and understanding I’ve gained. Thank you for being a part of that. In particular, thank you for your warmth, non-judgement, and compassion which have helped me relate to myself in a new way.

Liberty Mind

Dr Uddin took time to explain my symptoms and the risks and benefits of treatment options. She is knowledgeable in her field and I would recommend to any woman going through the change! Anna, 2020,

Liberty Menopause

Sabrina’s passion for living and her exciting, interesting and fun style make her a hit with her audiences. She knows what she is talking about and is very well researched and empowering. Dr Ava Eagle Brown, Master Coach, July 2018

Liberty Nutrition